GLITCH- Fashion Collection

GLITCH is a collection that expresses my concerns towards the inevitable increase in the use of technology. It is almost impossible to survive in today’s world without phones or internet. I have always had a negative response to social media and other online sites, though I am guilty of being a part of it. In my collection, a glitch in the form of textile on the body shows the blurring of identity due to unified opinions and expectations on globally connected platforms.

I design to empower the wearer regardless of gender, age and race. This collection is primarily designed for women as I addressed female body image issues elevated due to social media. The bright colours and uncommon textiles are not for the faint-hearted, it’s for the daring, adventurous, impulsive individual. I see my garments on celebrities in music videos or live performances.

My intention was to create textiles that cover and uncovers, that hugs the body yet has a free flow, that interacts with different depths over the body.

Here are the pictures from the photoshoot. It is a 6 look collection with a mix of different textile techniques. Digital prints, chording & layering done on neoprene and organza fabrics.


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