The Mechanical System- Textile Art

The mechanical system is a contemporary mixed media piece in which gold painted and embroidered beads compose spare parts that make a naked female figure. It is as literal as it is shown. The focus theme of the artwork being feminism is a depiction of both physical and behavioural expectations of a woman throughout her life. As we know the digestive system, the reproductive system, the nervous system and so on, the mechanical system is a metaphor for a routine that has been engraved so far back that is has made the lives of woman in this and forthcoming generations very difficult.

The routine is a programmed life cycle and daily practices of the female gender. The expectations to look pretty and gentle, the expectations of birthing children, the expectations of being a homemaker and nothing else. The necessity of women is reduced to an attractive, baby making machine. Times are changing and so is the system. But, it is not as though a practice that has been ongoing for centuries can be refreshed overnight. I have had it easy they say, easier than my mother or grandmother. A fight within, every day to be stripped of what women were conditioned to be. For many, it still continues on.


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