Coffee Packaging

An earthy, soothing coffee packaging with Indian influences of the Western Ghats (where the beans are procured from). The muted shades gives a vintage/ aged effect which was inspired by posters and match boxes of the late 1900s. The client intends to sell the south Indian coffee in the west therefore the imagery is designed to appeal to a global mass. The imagery is also an embodiment of the respective names of the coffee: Nirvan, Samadhi & Moksha.

The brown paper base ties in with the vintage feel. The local coffee vendor delivers freshly ground powder in brown paper bags, this is an homage to the age old practice. To withstand the export process, the package will be lined with plastic.

The information & instructions in the back are crisp, organized and to the point. Texts are supported by illustrations. QR code for further info/ website links.

** This is a prototype only


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