Digital prints

  These are some of the digital prints I have developed in relation to my project titles GLITCH. I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to achieve this.


I had earlier posted images of textiles I had been working on for my Final fashion collection for college. I am thrilled to post the final outcome of a year long project. GLITCH is a collection that focuses on the negative impact of technology (how ironic of me to be saying this while using my... Continue Reading →

The Glitch Project

In this project, I am translating the visual appearance of a glitch through the use of textiles and trims. The intent is to stress on the extent to which digital media is making all of us into dependant beings. Dependant on likes and followers to prove our self worth. The glitch represents the blurred line... Continue Reading →


Made the necklace using excess saree strips and metal curtain hoops. Tassles are made out of paper yarns. Recycled accessory.

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